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For the code lyoko fans and all of my friends out there, this is for you!!
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 Code: Guardian

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PostSubject: Code: Guardian   Code: Guardian Icon_minitimeWed Sep 29, 2010 11:40 am

Summary: Kira Haryff is a normal girl, right? Sure, she doesn't have any memories before the age of 9 because of amnesia, but other than that she's normal with normal parents and all, right? When she meets Aelita and joins the Lyoko gang, she finds out maybe, sadly, she's not so normal…

A/N: Hope u like it!

Disclaimer: I don't own code Lyoko (if I did there would be a season 5 by now!) but I do own Kira and any other characters moonscoop doesn't own.

Kira Haryff glances once more at the letter in her hand. She'd already read it 1,000 times at least, but she didn't want to end up in the wrong dorm room. "Room 306, Room 306…"

Yesterday afternoon after school

"Ok Jeremie, I've finished transferring the data." Aelita Stones touched a few more windows before closing up the interface. She was in a tower which was currently under Jeremie's control, and had the green glow around it to prove it. The tower was in the ice sector, surrounded by a 'river' of digital sea 'water'. There were stepping stones in it which Aelita had made using her creativity. Aelita, now done with her assignment, stepped out of the tower and onto the stepping stones to reach the other side of the 'water'. She watched as the glow around the tower changed from green back to its neutral white color. "Ok Jeremie, bring me back!"

"Good job Aelita!" He checked over the data once before bringing up a new program. "Materialization, Aelita!

The sound of the elevator signaled Aelita's arrival. The doors opened and she saw Jeremie gathering his books. "We're not going to stay and analyze some of the data?"

"Nah," Jeremie said, joining Aelita in the elevator and stabbing the up button. "We've done enough work today. We'll look at it tomorrow."

"Ok," Aelita said. "Just think, we might be able to free William now!"

"Yeah I sure hope so!" They walked together in friendly silence, each in their own thoughts as they grabbed their scooters, pushing them through the tunnels.

"Wait, Jeremie! I just remembered something!"

"What?" Jeremie looked startled.

"Oh it's just that I can't come help you with the data. I've got a new roommate coming. Her name is Kira Haryff."

Present Day

"Oh here's my room!" Aelita looked up from her homework to see a girl stumble into her room, dragging her suitcases behind her. Aelita laughed at her new roommate's frustrated words as she stood up to help her. Once the new girl's stuff was in the room by her bed, the girls sat down on Aelita's bed and introduced themselves.

"I'm Aelita Stones. You must be Kira Haryff."

"Yep. New kid, 8th grader from the USA."

"Cool, you must be tired." Aelita was interrupted by the sound of an arriving text message on her phone. She opened it to see it was a message from Jeremie. It was an SOS XANA message. "I, uh, gotta go… do something."

"Ok ttyl," Kira said, too busy unpacking to question further. But she was curious…

A/N: And that's the end of chapter 1. Tell me what u think!
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PostSubject: Re: Code: Guardian   Code: Guardian Icon_minitimeThu Sep 30, 2010 6:57 am

you know what i thing
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